iLunches Increases Frequency

In an effort to accelerate the move towards iPads next year, the Tech Mentors are offering Tuesday, Wednesday, AND Thursday iLunches for the rest of the semester. The lunches will cover various topics of interest and be headed by the Tech Mentors. Because so many of you requested it, we have an ongoing iPads Basic class once a week to help you become familiar with the iPad and its capabilities. Some of the more veteran users might also benefit from this class! We will publish the schedule of classes in two week blocks. If you have any  special requests on what you would like to see offered, let Keegan or me know and we will get it on the schedule. Remember you get 1/2 PGU credit for each session attended! See you there.

6 thoughts on “iLunches Increases Frequency

  1. Presentations are going very well. Please post your experiences at the training for others to read. Thank you for your support.

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